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In the intricate world of gaming, where every millisecond can make a difference, developers and players alike are constantly on the lookout for tweaks...

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Out With the Michael Jackson Peek, In With the Shakira Booty Dance: Valve’s Latest Patch in CS2

Remember the Michael Jackson peek in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) that had everyone talking? It’s history now, thanks to a new patch from Valve. But don’t fret; the Shakira booty dance is here to keep the party going.

Stat: According to Dot Esports, Valve’s recent update has sparked a wave of excitement, especially with the introduction of the Shakira booty dance.

The End of the Michael Jackson Peek

The Michael Jackson peek was a bug that created quite a buzz but had its drawbacks.

Valve recently updated CS2 to fix a number of issues, including the infamous Michael Jackson peek, Workshop problems, and HUD inconveniences.

The Michael Jackson peek allowed players to perform a “Smooth Criminal” move, but was removed due to its unintended impact on gameplay.

The Shakira Booty Dance Stole the Show

The Shakira booty dance is the new sensation sweeping the CS2 community.

In the same patch, Valve introduced what players are calling the “Shakira booty dance.”

This new movement feature has both the CTs and Terrorists’ hips shake left and right when moving backward.

Community figures like Gabe Follower have praised this entertaining addition, as player models’ hips truly don’t lie.

Is the Shakira Booty Dance Here to Stay?

Unlike its predecessor, the Shakira booty dance is harmless and could be a permanent feature.

The Shakira booty dance doesn’t give players any unfair advantage.

It’s all about the aesthetics, making characters look extremely stylish as they move.

Because of this, there’s a high likelihood that this feature will remain in the game.

Valve’s Ongoing Efforts

Beyond introducing pop-culture elements, Valve is actively working to improve CS2.

The game has been struggling with various issues lately, including fps drops and cheaters.

However, Valve has been releasing updates almost daily, showing a committed effort to patch things up and make the game more enjoyable.


Summary: Valve’s latest update in CS2 has been a rollercoaster, from removing the controversial Michael Jackson peek to introducing the delightful Shakira booty dance.

Next Steps: Keep an eye out for the next set of updates from Valve. Who knows, maybe the next patch will include a “Beyoncé strut” or a “Bruno Mars slide.”


  • The Michael Jackson peek is officially out of the game.
  • The Shakira booty dance is a harmless, aesthetic feature that has players excited.
  • Valve is actively working on improving the game, addressing multiple issues.

Data: No current case studies or graphs available at this time. Keep following for future updates!

So, are you excited to try out the Shakira booty dance in your next CS2 game? Let us know in the comments!