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Rahul Dravid to Take a Break: VVS Laxman to Guide Team India

In a surprising turn of events, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to give Rahul Dravid some well-deserved rest during the upcoming three-match T20I series against Ireland. Fear not, though, as the Men in Blue will be in good hands with VVS Laxman taking over as the coach in Dravid’s absence.

A Strategic Move by BCCI

The decision to rest Rahul Dravid came after careful consideration by the BCCI. Dravid, who has been shouldering multiple roles as a former player, head of the National Cricket Academy, and coach, is a key figure for Indian cricket. However, the board recognizes the importance of managing the workload of the coaching staff, especially with crucial events like the Asia Cup and ICC World Cup 2023 on the horizon.

VVS Laxman to Guide Team India

As Rahul Dravid takes a break from his coaching responsibilities, VVS Laxman, the former stylish Indian batsman, and the current head of the National Cricket Academy, will step in to guide the team during the T20I series against Ireland. Laxman’s rich cricketing experience and deep understanding of the game make him an ideal candidate to lead the Men in Blue in this exciting series.

A Break for the Entire Coaching Staff

It’s not just Rahul Dravid who will be taking a well-earned break. The entire coaching staff will get some time off following the ongoing tour of the West Indies. The board is keen on keeping the coaching team fresh and rejuvenated ahead of the upcoming challenges.

The Prospective Coaching Team for Ireland Series

With Dravid and the coaching staff on vacation, the responsibility of mentoring Team India during the Ireland series will fall on the shoulders of some experienced individuals. Sitanshu Kotak and Hrishikesh Kanitkar, both known for their exceptional batting skills, are expected to be part of the coaching team, contributing their invaluable insights to the squad. On the other hand, Troy Cooley and Sairaj Bahutule, with their expertise in bowling techniques, are also likely to play pivotal roles during this series.

Implications for Team India

The decision to rest Rahul Dravid may raise a few eyebrows, but it’s a smart move by the BCCI to ensure that their coaching staff is in top form for the crucial upcoming events. Dravid’s strategic guidance has been invaluable to Team India, and his absence will undoubtedly be felt. However, having VVS Laxman, a legendary cricketer himself, to lead the team is an exciting prospect that fans can look forward to.

A Word of Encouragement

While it’s natural to be concerned about how the team will fare without Rahul Dravid’s direct coaching, let’s take this moment to remind ourselves of the spirit of cricket. The game is about adaptability and teamwork. Team India’s players are highly skilled professionals, and they know how to face challenges head-on. This series provides them with a chance to prove their mettle and grow as a unit.

A Promising Journey Ahead

As we gear up for the exciting T20I series against Ireland, it’s essential to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Team India’s journey in the cricketing world has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. From facing intense rivalries to celebrating glorious victories, the Indian cricket team has carved a special place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Rahul Dravid’s contributions as a player and coach have been instrumental in shaping the future of Indian cricket. His work ethic, composure, and technical expertise have influenced a new generation of cricketers. The Wall, as he is fondly called, has instilled a sense of discipline and determination in the players under his guidance.

As we bid farewell to Dravid temporarily, it’s important to remember that this is not the end of his coaching journey. The cricketing world eagerly awaits his return to the helm of the coaching staff, where his mentorship will undoubtedly continue to inspire greatness.

VVS Laxman: A Mentor for Young Talent

While Rahul Dravid takes a well-deserved break, VVS Laxman’s appointment as the coach brings renewed excitement. Laxman, known for his elegant stroke play and legendary innings, is an idol for many aspiring cricketers. His experience as a batsman will provide invaluable insights to the players, especially the younger ones trying to find their place in the team.

Laxman’s journey as a cricketer is peppered with memorable moments, most notably the iconic 281 against Australia in Kolkata in 2001. That innings not only scripted a remarkable comeback but also showcased the resilience and determination that Indian cricket embodies. As he takes on the role of coach, one can’t help but wonder what remarkable stories will unfold under his guidance.

The Spirit of Cricket: Beyond Wins and Losses

Cricket is not just a sport; it’s a way of life for millions of fans across the globe. The spirit of cricket transcends wins and losses, uniting people from diverse backgrounds under one common passion. It teaches us that teamwork, sportsmanship, and humility are virtues that go hand in hand with success.

As we cheer for Team India in the upcoming T20I series, let’s also celebrate the essence of cricket and the life lessons it imparts. The joy of watching our favorite players excel on the field is a feeling that binds fans together, irrespective of nationality or language.

Looking Ahead: Asia Cup and ICC World Cup 2023

The strategic decision by the BCCI to rest Rahul Dravid and the coaching staff bodes well for the future. The upcoming Asia Cup and ICC World Cup 2023 are events that will demand meticulous planning and execution. With a refreshed and rejuvenated coaching team, Team India will be better prepared to face the challenges posed by the top cricketing nations.

The Asia Cup, known for its intense rivalries between Asian cricketing giants, promises thrilling encounters. On the other hand, the ICC World Cup 2023 will be the pinnacle of cricketing battles, where the best of the best will vie for glory. The anticipation of seeing Team India lift the coveted trophy once again is electrifying, and it fuels our enthusiasm for the sport.


In conclusion, the BCCI’s decision to rest Rahul Dravid and appoint VVS Laxman as the coach for the upcoming T20I series against Ireland is a calculated move to prepare for bigger battles ahead. The coaching staff’s well-deserved break will ensure they come back stronger and more focused on steering Team India to success in the future events.

As we eagerly await the Ireland series, let’s rally behind the Men in Blue and show them our unwavering support. Cricket is full of surprises, and who knows, this series might unearth some extraordinary talents and moments that will be etched in our memories forever.