Why can’t a swamp cooler and a furnace be active at the same time? Leave a comment

New to living with a swamp cooler. I’ve been told by several sources (people and internet) that the swamp cooler and the furnace can’t be on/active at the same time, and indeed my landlord switches one off and the other on at the same time.

However, the swamp cooler is not connected to the duct work that the furnace uses. The cooled air has a single entry point in the ceiling of the house. The two systems use separate thermostats as well. I do not understand why the swamp cooler and the furnace could not be active at the same time. (Not that I would run them at the same time.) Is it true that in two isolated systems as I describe, one must be all the way off and deactivated in order for the other to run? Or have I been told wrong?

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