What’s the best way to install permanent high/low gauges in a compressor based HVAC system rfc134a? Leave a comment

I have a heat pump water heater, and would like to install permanent pressure gauges on the liquid and suction lines (or more likely have a professional install the gauges). Analog gauges are fine, though i2c would be even better. The unit uses rfc134a, appears to use standard thread, though it’s made in Europe.

Liquid and Suction lines on heat pump water heater

I suspect I could purchase a manifold like this, and cap the yellow line to prevent accidents:

HVAC manifold gauge set

But I’m concerned that over the lifetime of the system, which is all hard copper pipe, the hoses on the gauge could get brittle and crack. What hard pipe alternatives are there? What sort of threading specifications do I need? What’s the best way to get this done?

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