Weatherproof junction/extension box with 8AWG wiring – selection and mounting problem Leave a comment

I am trying to install a simple surface mounted junction box, in terms of the Code it seems pretty straightforward, but have run into several practical problems. Thought I might as well ask more experienced people here how they would solve the issue.
I have 3 8AWG solid wires and a bare ground in a recessed 1-gang metal box at a covered patio stucco wall (see Pic 1). Those are connected to a double 60 Amp breaker at the main. Now, I would like to splice those to extend them just a few feet to a subpanel enter image description here(which cannot be mounted in the current low position, behind an AC unit).
I got some huge wire nuts (see pic 2) and because of the number of large wires and connectors I will need a deep box (e.g pic 3). Ideally I would have a deep extension box, but cannot find those. Also a minimum 3/4in (likely Liquidtight) conduit going to the subpanel.
Here are the problems:
(1) the existing box is a bit proud of the wall, which makes the standard surface box difficult to mount and insulate. Sigma boxes I referred to above come with two tiny flat mounts. I could add some spacers, and cut foam for makeshift insulation?
(2) The wires are quite short, adding a box with a single hole in the back leaves me with only about 1.5" of wire to work with. ideally I could use the existing wall box and the new addition as a single unit
So, any other types of box that would mount better over the existing setup? Should I create a small wooden frame for mounting and insulation? Are there any code challenges?
enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

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