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I replaced a switched outlet together with a switch, but now the outlet has permanent power no matter what position the switch is in. When I was replacing this single pole switch, I think I wasn’t too carefull about attaching all the wires to the same connectors. One of the black wires was connected to the ground screw. I thought it was a mistake made by the previous owner, and I attached all the black wires together on the switch. Please take a look at the pictures that I am attaching, and please advise what I should try to change in my set up to make the outlet be controlled by the switch again.

P.S. At first I thought the problem was a defective switch and replaced it once again, but it didn’t solve the issue. I did replace all other outlets in the same room without any issues, although none of them was switch controlled.


Outlet (tab is broken)

Outlet (tab is not broken)

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