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My situation:

To start off, I will provide photos at the end of the post.

The Cat5 Internet cable comes through a wall and it ends at a socket which is currently laying on the floor. The output of that socket goes to the modem. However, the connection is supported only by two thin wires, which makes the entire thing really flimsy and it creates problems when connecting to the internet. I would like to make the connection sturdier by using a module (of some sort) and enclosing the entire connection in it. As it stands right now, I don’t think it is feasible to connect the socket to the wall as the cable is coming in the room from a different point.

I would appreciate any help.

Entry point of cable in the room:

enter image description here

The old socket opening (before installing the new cable):

enter image description here

Input of the socket (with the two thin cables):

enter image description here

Output of the socket (wire to the modem):

enter image description here

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