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I recently lost power to about five outlets on an eight outlet circuit in the kitchen. For what it is worth, there is a GFCI on the first outlet and the last outlet. The last outlet (GFCI) is showing no power (no LED) and will not reset. When I connect my Epsilant tester to the four outlets that are not working, only the green center light goes on indicating "missing neutral". The first GFCI works fine and I can trip any outlet in the circuit and it will trip the GFCI. In addition to the GFCI, two other outlets work.

Why would some of the outlets in the circuit work, but not others? What should I look to do to troubleshoot? Is it likely a faulty outlet, or something else? I’m guessing that the last GFCI in the chain is not operating because it just isn’t getting power? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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