Is it safe to install the outdoor unit of an inverter AC indoors? Leave a comment

We are planning to buy an AC unit based on inverter technology for heating our living room. I am not an expert as far as HVAC or heating technologies are concerned, however based on my understanding the outside unit is used to take air from outdoors, compress it and then use the resulting heat to heat the indoors, obviously with some magic (not really, but I don’t know the details) happening in between.

We have an underground (UG) floor directly beneath the living room. The UG has windows, and we use it as a garage as well. I was thinking whether it would be a good idea to install the outdoor unit of this split system in the UG/garage instead of outdoors.

Based on my limited expertise on the field, the benefits of doing this are:

  1. It will be better protected than outside
  2. The air in the UG floor/garage might be warmer than the the one outdoors, especially when it will be snowing, therefore more heat for the outdoor unit to transform inside, and less need for electricity to make up for the difference.

Open questions (downsides):

  1. The air circulation in the UG/garage is not as good as outdoors (obviously), how does this impact the heating and air quality that will blow inside?
  2. How will the air that will flow out of the outdoor unit impact the air in the UG/garage.

Is it safe and sane to install the outdoor unit of an inverter AC indoors? Are you aware of any such installation?

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