How to strengthen two joists that have had big sections cut out to make space for roller garage door Leave a comment

The diagram below shows the problem and also the atypical way the roof was framed originally (see this question)
This garage door was already in place since long before we bought the house and separate garage about ten years ago, I’ve noticed no visible problems until now as I’m looking into flooring the attic.
I dont know how old the cracks are in the wall plate under joists 2 and 3 (joist 3 wasn’t cut at all)
There are smaller cracks in other places and there are some metal reinforcing strips screwed into the plate crosswise.
enter image description here

One solution that came to mind was to add further joists on top of the upper plates over joists 1 and 2 and possibly 3, as in the diagram below.

new joist location
Would the above be a valid way to proceed or not?

Possibly related, the two rafters attached to joist 3 have a very crude collar tie between them, quite high up in the attic, well above head height standing on the third joist. There aren’t any others except one, ten or twelve joists further along. The tie isn’t even level.

Thanks for reading and especially for any guidance offered.

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