How do you calculate the horizontal force created by a load hanging from hinges with a hinged bend (as in a hangar door)? Leave a comment

I am trying to calculate the horizontal force created by a raised hangar door, but for the purpose of this question, we can consider the horizontal force of a 2×4 stud that is connected as shown in the illustration below.

The 2×4 is cut in half and connected with a hinge at the top and a hinge at the middle, and then is supported vertically with a cable (which in the door will pull the door up and down). Not pictured is a track which the 2×4 or door will be connected to that keeps the "bottom" of the door in alignment with the opening.

What I am trying to determine is the method to find the lateral force that is created, or in other words, how much force will the door put on the track when it is open?

I have intentionally not included weights or lengths or angles because I’m looking for a general solution.

enter image description here

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