How can I make a lightweight structure (sukkah) stronger and more windproof? Leave a comment

I have almost no DIY experience (unless you count computers). I bought this×8-with-schach/. You can get a better sense of its construction from, but basically, it has a simple metal frame made from interlocking pieces, and canvas walls.

I assembled it last week. Last night it was somewhat windy and in the middle of the night I found it a bit down the block, on its side and flat as a pancake. The metal rods were still interlocked, so the metal "rings" on the vertical rods that the "pegs" on the horizontal insert into (sorry I don’t know the correct terminology) were damaged. They will replace the damaged parts but my question is for the future. So:

What are the best options to "anchor" it in place"? There are some railings on the house I could tie it to, or I could possibly get sandbags or bricks and somehow tie it to them, or perhaps I need to drive tent pegs into the ground. I need some guidance here. If I tie it to the railings can the sukkah act as a sail and pull hard enough on the railing to damage it? If I use sandbags or bricks how much weight do I need? If I use tent pegs what size etc.? Any other ideas?

How can I reinforce the shape, so it doesn’t get flattened again? I’m not sure if I’m describing what happened well enough. Basically this rectangular cube was on its side, and then the width X length rectangle is "sheared" (in the shape transform sense), like if you applied pressure to one of the top corners at a downward angle, bringing it to the ground.


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