Convert 2 gang no neutral light switch into 1 gang to power a smart-switch that requires neutral. Possible? UK Leave a comment

This is probably not possible and instead just highlights my basic lack of understanding, but thought it was worth asking! If it is possible I would get a qualified electrician to do it.

I’d like to install a smart wifi dimmer switch which requires a neutral wire, but I don’t have a neutral. (I’ve already got a smart dimmer that works without neutral, but want a nicer one that does require it).

The switch in question is a 2 gang switch. One switch controls my kitchen spot lights, the other controls an outside light that we’ve never used.

I’ve read that the reason for a neutral is so that the wifi switch can draw power to run itself even when the light circuit is broken. So I was wondering if in the absence of a neutral wire, the redundant wires for the outside light could be made to provide power for the wifi switch.

I’m in the UK. 100+ year old house, but wiring is this millenium.

My current switch has a L, L1 & L2. Two wires go into the L.

The new switch has a L, L1, G, N.

The box in the wall has an earth wire looped into the casing.

Photo of box:


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