Can I steal power to power up new recessed lighting from a switch box that has a 2 pole switch? Leave a comment

I’m installing recessed lighting in my living room, and I had to run the new light wires down the wall to obtain a power source and the switch box for the power source is right at the stairs and the switch for the stair lights is a 2 pole with the connected/ matching switch at the top of the stairs. I have it all wired up but the 2pole switch that controls the stairs light also turns on the new recessed lights, but I have have a lytton Cassetta switch and this switch also works to control the recessed lights. How do I wire up so the single pole cassetta switch works separately from the stairs switch. Also I was thinking to open up the top of the stairs light switch box and install a cassette pico with to sync with a cassetta switch for the bottom of stairs but how do I wire it hot for the bottom of the stairs bc the pico switch just syncs and controls the bottom switch. on the 2 pole switch theres a red, white, blk, & ground. Thanks everyone!

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