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I have a home built in 2010.

I installed some monorail lighting (150W) in my home office last year. When this light is on, it always trips the breaker for the Washer (when it’s running). Not instantly, but within a minute or few.

The washer is on it’s own 20A circuit. I drew power for my monorail lighting from the garage opener motor outlet (also 20A, three stall garage, each motor has its own outlet/circuit).

The odd thing, is that the 20A circuit the monorail/garage motor are on, does NOT trip. Never has.

I have enclosed a picture of my electrical panel with the two circuits highlighted (blue is the lighting/garage motor, red is the washer).

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

My issue seems to be the same as this unresolved issue

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